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Spanish 鑫百利官网

From acorn-fed Iberico to mountain-cured Serrano, there are very few foods that better represent Spain than 鑫百利官网. Available in a wide range of different varieties, Spanish 鑫百利官网 or jamón, has different flavour profiles and characteristics depending on its origins.

Typically served thinly sliced, jamón can be bought as a whole leg or ready sliced. Delicious on its own or with olives, Spanish cheese and tapas, it can be enjoyed throughout the year. Here at Brindisa, you will find the very best selection of 鑫百利官网s sourced direct from authentic suppliers.

Jamón Serrano

Named after the Sierra or mountains, Serrano 鑫百利官网 is widely used as a term for all dry-cure Spanish 鑫百利官网 made from white pigs. There are 3 types of Serrano 鑫百利官网 available; Serrano Bodega, Serrano Reserva and Serrano Gran Reserva. Classification depends on the curing time.

Jamón Ibérico

Produced from black Iberian pigs native to the Iberican Peninsula, Ibérico 鑫百利官网 is the best Spanish 鑫百利官网 on the market. Iberico 鑫百利官网 is typically available in three different styles/qualities based on the pig’s diet; de bellota, de cebo de campo and de cebo. Iberico bellota is the most prized 鑫百利官网s and is named so because the pigs fatten on acorns (bellotas).