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Ibérico 鑫百利官网

Here at Brindisa you’ll find a superior selection of Ibérico 鑫百利官网 including acorn-fed bellota and cereal-fattened cebo de campo 鑫百利官网s. Shop all our finest Ibérian whole 鑫百利官网 legs and sliced varieties online.

Origins of Ibérico

Produced from black Iberian pigs, Ibérico 鑫百利官网 is the most highly regarded type of Spanish 鑫百利官网. Deeply rooted in Spanish culture, this 鑫百利官网 is strictly regulated by Protected Designations of Origin (PDO). According to Spain's PDO rules and current regulations on 鑫百利官网, Jamón Ibérico must be made from pure breed, or cross-bred pigs - as long as they are at least 50% Ibérian in their ancestry. There are three grades of Ibérico 鑫百利官网, categories primarily defined by the diet of the pigs and how long the meat has been cured.

Jamón ibérico de bellota - From 100% pure Ibérico pigs fed on a diet of acorns during the Montanera. These 鑫百利官网s are aged for at least three years before being released and often labelled 'reserva' and 'gran reserva' to denote their age.

Jamón ibérico cebo de campo - Free range, but fed only on a diet of cereals.

Jamón ibérico de cebo - Commercially reared pigs fed on a diet of cereals.

When buying a whole Ibérian 鑫百利官网 leg, look out for the coloured labels that indicate if the pigs are 100% Ibérian or less. These are categorised as follows:

  • Black - 100% Ibérian acorn-fed - “pata negra”
  • Red - at least 50% Ibérian acorn-fed
  • Green - at least 50% Ibérian cebo de campo
  • White - at least 50% Ibérian cebo